Nancy Donnelly, glass art, works on paper
DancersDancers (detail of one figure)Three Women Think About the UniverseRuby WomanSpruce WomanLavender WomanNight and DaySeven porcelain doll bodiesBouquets at Gallery B, Bethesda, May 2013BouquetsTrajectoriesWildflowersBird flying inside Gallery B, May 2013PrimariesFlight IFlight II21 Transparent BirdsBaptismal font, the basinReverend Deborah McKinley likes the font!ShiftAncient WhispersAncient Whispers (detail)Double Sided WomanDouble Sided Woman (detail)WrappedSwimmer at Washington Glass SchoolTall Blue DressElevated GossipIdol IIdol I (detail)Hoop IHoop IISpringBack to BackBack to Back, detailYou Are So BeautifulYou Are So Beautiful, opposite sideYou Are So Beautiful, ribbon of musicWe TwoTiny WomanSex/WarGrand Old ManPig
3-D Artwork
If it stands by itself, I'm considering it three-dimensional. Thus some of these pieces seem flat, but each stands without assistance.